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The New Standard
in Field Development and Management

Combining Reservoir Engineering and AI to create state-of-the-art solutions

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With expertise in reservoir engineering, field management, and data science, we bring coupled solutions to

the geothermal, oil and gas industry.

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Your technical partner in this new era of geothermal energy.


- Reservoir characterization

- Reservoir simulation

- Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis
- Production & re-injection optimization

- Well test design and analysis
- CO2 and tracer modeling

- Wellbore flow modeling
- ML & AI applications

- Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

  • Flux Energy Solutions is a member of European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC) 

Oil & Gas

We combine the proven industry practices with innovative approaches in reservoir engineering.


- Reservoir characterization and simulation

- Reserve and resource evaluation 

- PVT characterization
- SCAL data interpretation

- Well test design and analysis
- Decline curve and time series analysis
- Nodal analysis

- Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis
- Production optimization

- Field development planning

- Underground Gas Storage

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We use AI to boost our decision-making process.

- Estimation of reservoir properties
- Decline curve and time series analysis

- Production and re-injection optimization

- Well placement optimization

- Pressure, temperature, and CO2 prediction in    geothermal wells

- Virtual Flowmeter

- Natural Language Processing applications

Flux Academy

In our courses, we integrate our oil & gas and geothermal industry experience to increase your proficiency in all aspects of reservoir engineering and simulation.

Data science and machine learning tools are also integrated into our courses from fundamentals to advanced topics of reservoir engineering.  


Proven Expertise.
Impeccable Reliability.

We bring coupled solutions to the oil & gas and geothermal business with expertise in reservoir management and data science. 

Extending the capabilities of the numerical solutions with machine learning algorithms we carry the reservoir models to the front line of decision making. 

From field development plan to production optimization, we integrate sensitivity and uncertainty analysis in every step of the work we deliver.​

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