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The New Standard
in Reservoir Simulation and Management

Use Data to Get a 360-Degree View of Your Field

Maximizing reserves through simulation and A.I.

From the appraisal phase to the field development plan, we integrate numerical simulation and artificial intelligence methods to help you manage your fields.

Machine Learning
in Geoscience

Using state of the art algorithms, we help you get more from your data.

Reserve and Resource Evaluation

We provide you the insight into your oil, gas, and geothermal assets using the internationally accepted guidelines.


  • Reservoir engineering practices

  • Reservoir engineering softwares

  • Machine learning applications in oil, gas, and geothermal businesses

Reservoir Management

We build numerical reservoir simulation models for geothermal, oil and gas fields to find the optimum reservoir management scenarios.

CO2  Sequestration

We have the experience to model the storage of CO2 in underground ,which binds with rocks as a reliable method of disposal.

Proven Expertise.
Impeccable Reliability.

With expertise in reservoir management and data science, we bring coupled solutions to the oil & gas and geothermal business. 

Extending the capabilities of the numerical solutions with machine learning algorithms we carry the reservoir models to the front line of decision making. 

From field development plan to production optimization, we integrate sensitivity and uncertainty analysis in every step of the work we deliver.

Are you ready to get insight about your field?

To learn more information about our process of reservoir management and get more from your data, get in touch with us.

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